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We can't love those things we don't know about (Jerónimo Molina - Murcian Archaeologist)

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"Bi-lingual Tourism & Professional Guidance" (T&G) provides professional bi-lingual support to both cultural and residential tourisms by performing, managing, organising guided tours, excursions and assistance services inside the areas of Cartagena and Murcia (Spain).

Our motto is inspired in a deep belief : besides a BETTER -more extensive and accurate - information,  PROFESSIONAL OFFICIAL TOUR GUIDES provide a MORE interesting, safe, funny and efficient use of the time. That is why we prefer our tours to be organised with OFFICIAL TOUR GUIDES and the high degree of customer satisfaction we enjoy day after day is confirming that belief to be right.

Co-operating with us

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T&G maintains easy access to a wide network of professionals, such as :
- Tour Guides
- Transfer Guides 
- Hostesses
- Interpreters 

Side Photo: Just outside the "Punic Wall"- Carthaginians & Romans Festival (2006) 

T&G co-operates with many fine professionals of the Region of Murcia working at Associations of Guides, "Murcia Tur&iacut...

Qualified Professionals

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On June, 21, 2007 T&G has been awarded by the Spanish Ministery of Tourism as a Company certified by the so-called "Sistema Integral de Calidad Turística en Destinos" (Integral System for Quality in Tourism at Destinations - SICTED), a country-wide project created aa well as financially supported by both the Spanish Secretary of Tourism and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) which is implemented for awarding those business fully operating under either "Q" (Quality) regulations or the Best Practice's procedures of the tourist sector. It is an official recognition to entrepreneurs consistently demonstrating a clear determination towards the permanent improvement of their processes, services, facilities and training.

As an active participant in the SICTED project, T&G is consistently applying the following operating stan...

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