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The Region of Murcia is gradually recovering its traditional multi-cultural society.  There is nowdays in Murcia a huge variety of languages and origins, so cultures. The so-called "global word" is becoming more and more a reality inside the Autonomous Community of Murcia. T&G is determined to serve this new era through its evolution into an integrating, peacefull, respectfull-with-environment-and-diversity  way, so we are very happy being able to offer the following bi-lingual services:


Low cost offers - Discounts

Low cost opportunities. Discounts for special groups, tour programmes and seasonal activities. 


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Tasting delicious local "tapas" along a cutural promenade inside the historical area of Cartagena. We have selected for you a series of pubs, cafés and restaurants with well-recognized "tapas" (small pieces of different kinds of local food performed by either rough or cooked vegetables, meat, fish or a mix of them, to accompany with practically any kind of drink, either soft or beer, wine...) and all situated at cultural sites or near to them.


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To enjoy most of the cultural heritage of Cartagena in one single day of visit. Contents :
- Punic Wall (*)
- Civil War Shelters (*)
-  Panoramic lift up to Torres Park (*)
- Conception Castle (360º Panoramics)

(*) these package items could be exchanged by sailing the port "catamaran" + visit to the Fort of Christmas

Indicative price (group of 12 pax):  19 euros per person (all inclusive)

Photo: Roman burial's stone with inscription of  "Cnaeus Atellius" (Municipal Archaeological Museum of Cartagena)


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Day-to-day experience is telling that residents in Murcia are not encouraged enough to expend their time in becoming more familarised with areas of this Region other than those they reside, but... if they would decide to look  at "outside the cave", such experience brings them a great deal of interesting things lately shared with family, relatives, friends, visitors, colleagues... all the time. This basic idea is back to our 4 -TOURS package: something specially thought for groups of family/friends, associations, cultural societies, communities... planning for guided excursions inside the Region of Murcia AT A MORE THAN REASONABLE COST, inclusive of:
- Transportation 
- Official English-speaking Guide from the departure point
- Visits to Museums, Cellars, Markets, Craft Centres, etc.
- Tasting sessions of food and wines of each area 
- Cultural walks inside a varied list of Murcian destinations
- Traditions, Festivals, Craftwork...  

The final - always good - price will depend on size of group, cutltural preferences, type of menus, destinations or similar; tour organisers are wellcome to CALL US OR ASK FOR A BID BY FILLING IN THE FORM AT THE "BIDS-BOOKINGS-SUGGESTIONS" SHEET IN THIS WEB.

Photo: palaeo-Christian burial of "El Casón" (the big house) - Jumilla 


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Discounts for "special groups", such as: 
- Schools (children or adults)
- "3rd Agers"
- Cultural associations
- Handicapped.... 

Photo: facade of the Artillery Park and Army's Museum - Cartagena

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